Stopstres - supliment natural

Stress is how our body reacts in case of frustrating situations or situations in which adrenaline levels peak . Periods of prolonged stress or anxiety can produce effects that are manifested by a twitter , but can also lead to serious mental disorders .

STOPSTRES is a food supplement with optimal composition of plants that favor the reduction of anxiety states and installation of a peacefull sleep .

More and more studies show that chamomile extract is the cure for several diseases. Chamomile consumption is correlated with an semnificative increase in the level of urine hippurate ( a product of the decomposition of some compounds of the plants ) and glycine ( an amino acid ) .

Chamomile is the most popular therapeutic tool that people use to relax and sleep. The sedative properties make him a popular choice for those who want to escape insomnia. Besides the effects on the nervous system , chamomile relaxes the nerves that stimulates the immune system, relaxes muscle spasms , reduces inflammation , improves liver function.Thus reducing the effects that stress has on the body in the long term.

Lime is called “the tree that heals the soul.” The active principles of the extract of lime are effective for relieving nervous irritability , hysteria , even in cases where these problems occur amid insomnia , exhaustion and certain hormonal disorders ( premenstrual syndrome premenopausal or postmenopausal ) , relieves headaches , indigestion , diarrhea.

Lavender has sedative properties inducing a state of relaxation suited to a restful sleep . This is a natural sedative with effects in depression, anxiety , epilepsy , spasmophilia and panic attacks , and in case of nervous irritability , fatigue , vertigo , hysteria , melancholy states .


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