Are pharmaceuticals for widely used reproduced based manufacturing technologies outlined above, the formula recipes well known and described in pharmacopoeia and literature, using raw materials of adequate quality (physico-chemical, biological and microbiological) and material conditioning in order to generalize the preparation and quality conditions.

Anhydrous glucoze – 75g

Anhydrous glucoze – 75g View Details

Castor oil - 100g

Castor oil – 80g View Details

Castor oil with vitamina A – 100g

Castor oil with vitamina A – 80g View Details

Colargol 0.5%, (argint coloidal) - 10ml

Colargol 0.5%, (argint coloidal) - 10ml View Details

Colargol 10%, (colloidal silver) – 10ml

Colargol 10%, (colloidal silver) – 10ml View Details